Kirsten Stewart Style

I am going to brave the Twilight crowd to see the movie in a few hours. I read the book a few times over and I hope the movie lives up to it, crossing fingers. So in honor of Twilight Movie Day I thought I would show how Kristen Stewart keeps her identity in what she wears. Outside of the red carpet Kristen is a total jeans, t-shirt and chucks girl. Some argue that Kristen doesn't care what she wears but I will argue that she does, she has a distinct style and I am sure she puts effort into it.

She impresses me with how well her style reflects who she is. Through her role choices and her interviews its easy to see that Stewart is not the average Hollywood young actress. She also relays that in to her fashion sense. Her choice in dress is always a little outside of the Hollywood box but how she chooses to compliment it with make-up, hairstyles and accessories stays true to her independent look. I believe that she is still coming into her own style but she is finding her voice and it keeps me interested to see what she will wear next. I can safely assume it won't be trendy, that it will be loved but mostly hated by the masses, but it will always be Kristen.

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