Rings That Make You Feel Like You're Wearing Art

Today has been a busy one and I feel bad that I haven't been able to post anything till now. I just thought I would grace us with some beauty. I happened to find this artist Fabrice Schafer on one of my many "click every link" spree.

In the words of Fabienne Xavière Sturm: The ring on your finger is a sign of belonging, the expression of a particular intimacy or a memory, a present, an alliance. The choice of ring highlights a personal message, as much for the creator as for the wearer.

I become enchanted by artists who can take a piece of jewellery and go a step further. When I look at these I find myself thinking that they have a sense of old and a twist of modernism. Its not an easy task to create something in present day while making the person seeing or wearing it feel as if it has been part of a story for centuries.

I will be back with a bigger post tomorrow.

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Ner said...

I love reading your posts when I see them on facebook! I'm so super impressed with what you are doing! Amazing!

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