Now that I have that song stuck in your head, lets talk umbrellas.

Its no secret that rain makes up most of our days in the pacific northwest. In fact I remember a few years back it rained for 93 days straight.It wasn't the best of times in Seattle.
I think I may have even broken my own rule : I will not own a North Face Jacket; trust me it was out of dire necessity.

I do like to complain about the rain,I don't know anyone in Seattle who doesn't but we will all be the first to admit that the rain is what makes Seattle so amazingly breathtaking.

I have owned many umbrellas in my life. Why? Because I tend to lose them. I always default to the classic black, it goes with everything. The only problem is that it is so forgettable, nothing stands out about it or makes a statement so I don't even think twice about it and it gets lost.

Well that ends now.

I fell in love with these umbrellas! Tray 6 is the design company that has definitely brought a breath of fresh air to the tired look of black and plaid umbrellas. It beautifully marries style and function, the only problem is that I want them all.

The colors, the calligraphy and flowers are very unexpected and eye catching. There are other umbrellas out there but these are fashionable and make a statement but in a way that will only compliment your whole look rather take it over. Isn't that all what we are looking for, something that will add to your look in a "double take" kind of way.

When you own one of these, you will most likely find yourself praying for rain, imagine that!

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