I stumbled across the Japanese brand and was instantly entranced by the lovely imagery of their catalog. I was given a glimpse into the life of their fashion character Sally Scott and I didn't feel like I was her creepy stalker. I felt like I was her friend, that just happened to be a few steps behind her. We met for coffee, did a little shopping and ended our day with a walk. The catalog effectively made me feel as if Sally Scott and I were the best of friends.She was the kind of friend, I secretly hated for all of her cool clothes. A true friendship at its best.


simplysteph said...

so true. the images are genius. and convey exactly what you said, a type of relationship with sally. evil marketing, im totally swung over with emotional attachment

AlixRose said...

LOL! simply.steph: I am totally drawn in with emotional attachment as well.. sneaky sally scott!!

Theresa said...

beautiful pics!!
i always love to look at your posts!!

ps: thank you too(i love comments^^)


Hey, Alix-

These photos are gorgeous, makes me wish for Spring!! :) Thanks for your comment, I too used to wear them in Junior high until mine feel apart (chucks!) I had all the colors. Now I only have black lo tops and pink hi tops. Hmm, Santa, can you bring me more?? ;) They are, after all, the only sneakers I truly love the look of. I'm not much of a sneaker person today. To think I was back in middle school. HAHA.

Yes, check out the raglan and let me know how it works out, love. I bet you'll get one. ;)


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