Yesterday a tree fell down in my neighborhood and knocked out the electricity until about 8pm. I was miserable to say the least. I didn't want to leave the house because it was so windy outside and any step I took out my front door practically lifted me off the ground. It got pitch black around 4pm and I couldn't see my hand in front of my face. So after feeling sorry for myself I got some candles, a blanket and magazines and settled in.
As I flipped through the pages I kept seeing the same trend pop up off the pages again and again.Black lips - This reminded me of my high school days and I thought dark purple lipstick was the coolest thing. When I look at the pictures now I just shake my head in shame. Maybe that's why when I see black lips I tend to think that this is just another trend that I should let models and celebrities have fun with but then I read this article by NYMAG.COM and it made me feel like maybe I was a little crazy to shake off this trend so quickly because it looked like everyone and their mom was on the bandwagon. I haven't seen any pictures of people who aren't models or celebrities sporting it so if you have some good examples of wearing it everyday, send it my way or if you think maybe black lipstick is a trend that is just being marketed by the industry and really doesn't fit in let me know too.
What are your thoughts?


lizbeth said...

I could never wear it, as much as I wished I could have in high school (it never looked right...).

I think it's something best left to magazine shoots and runway models, to be honest.

AlixRose said...

I agree with you. It looks good on paper but in real life well not so much. I can only imagine the looks I would receive if I walked out into my Seattle.
thanks for your comment.

Anonymous said...

Oh no! You're over in W. Seattle, right?

I'm with you...I can't even tolerate myself with reddish lipstick, let alone black. That pic is fab though! Maybe I'll get brave and test it out...my lips turn purple after wine anyway, so it would be too much of a stretch. ;-)

AlixRose said...

Yes I am over in Burien. It wasn't to fun but now the generator is all ready in case it happens again.

I never thought of the wine factor, interesting. Thats the only thing about wine, it leaves that ring.. I love red lipstick and purple wine and red just dont mix.. but purple lips and black lipstick.. hmm! I don't know if I would do it still. But it is something to think about. :)

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