When I mentioned to a friend that I seriously needed to add a cape to my wardrobe I was met with "So you want to be a superhero?"
OK so super hero's wear capes but fashion designers have taken the cape on in the most stylish way. Its actually quite sad that superhero's are stuck with a cape that just looks like a piece of material rather than anything interesting.

Beth from the Vintage Society posted a picture of her in her cape a few days back and I have had cape envy ever since. I am not usually one to go for the cape look. I am petite so the length is sometimes a bother and they used to be so boxy but things have been changing in the cape world.

This look by Mara Hoffman, where the cape looks like a dress in itself paired with the boots is beautiful. I can just imagine wearing a purple dress underneath, just to add a little color. In this cold weather, we are expecting snow this weekend in Seattle, the cape offers an alternative to layering.

I don't know what it is about leopard but for some reason I always tend to lean towards it. That's why I was taken by Roberto Cavalli's creation. I know what you are thinking.. "Alix I thought you didn't like the boxy look?" Yes its kind of boxy but I still love it, the skinny jeans compliment it. ITS LEOPARD!!!!

An elegant cape by Ports1961, its the perfect accessory to a beautiful dress. It adds a hint of glamour and this one in particular has a little out of the box element, which I just adore.

I can't afford the price tags that these come with either but there are just as beautiful ones out there without having to sell your dog.


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