It could very well be me but I can barely hem my pants or follow simple instructions. What I can do is click my mouse. If you can do that and have a creative mind you can be a shoe designer.

How cool is that?

At RYZ, you are given the opportunity to design your shoe online and submit it into competition. Its then put into a database with other designed shoes to be voted on by RYZ members. The one that garners the most vote wins and goes into production. WAHLA!
I think its the coolest thing the only problem... there's some serious competition.


Anonymous said...

I'm definitely big on customization, especially when it's easy...but it's so overwhelming at times. Adding the competition component definitely gives more incentive!

P.S. I see you are officially and IFBer! Yay!

AlixRose said...

I know the whole aspect to actually getting them made is cool.

I am finally an IFBer, it seemed like it took forever. But YAY! for sure!

Unknown said...

Thanks for the comment about RYZ. We just launched this in July.

We will come out with a low top in January and a slip-on silhouette after that.

Thanks again for checking us out.

Rob Langstaff
Founder/CEO RYZwear.com

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