Currently Coveting: Woman & Man of Style

:my dream outfit:
A fur vest, a frilly dress and high heeled oxfords - yes please!

:beauty, the breakdown:
Personally I don't smoke and most of the time I am not a fan of it in pictures, but its Ms.Monroe and it was that era. I love this picture! She seems to be relaxed and a little close to normal.Well as close to normal that she could ever be..

:romeo & juliet behind the scenes:
One of my favorite movies and I love behind the scenes fotos. For some it takes away the magic of the film, but for me I respect more of what the actors do, because they can still make it special and magical with hundreds standing around.. amazing.

:shoes that I covet:
Sarah Jessica Parker in amazing Balengencia, Yum!

:woman of style:

I've always had a little girl crush on milla, the woman who can pull of any look. So far she looks the most beautiful as daughter and mother. Look at her little girl's lips, she's like a real life cherub.

:man of style :
A man in a suit is very attractive, Taylor Kitsch in a suit is irresistible.

:art that captures a part of me:
The eyes, the lips, the tattoos. I am not an artist in the least, stick figures are my forte. That's why when I find an artist that can convey so much, I mean look at those eyes, it takes my breath away.

* Its still snowy as the north pole here and its lovely
* my cold is better but I would like to actually be anywhere but the couch right now
* coca cola is the best thing ever
* I hope you all have a lovely friday

:picture source:
couture closet


Theresa said...

your blog is very professional- i'm lovin' it

medine amory. said...

This entry is all kinds of lovely. That man of style should stop by my bed, si. Taylor Kitsch makes my heart flutter a little.

And the art is absolutely gorgeous! The different red nuances are stunning.

I don't smoke, but sometimes I just need to inhale something to blow it out again. It feels like a burden has been lifted off your shoulders, but only on very rare occasions. And I think that the picture of Marilyn Monroe conveys that beautifully.

AlixRose said...

medine: Taylor K. makes my heart flutter too, even when he's just in his button down plaid and torn jeans.

I am so glad you liked the art because I love it. Its beautiful but in a non-classic way.

On Marilyn Monroe- you said it more beautifully than I did and that makes me fall in love with the picture a little more.


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