Cate Blanchett is more often than not flawless in her look. She always tries to wear something out of the box that will probably receive mixed reviews but I think she looks stunning in this Alexander McQueen. I saw this dress on a model and I thought how could anyone in real life ever really pull it off. The dress is definitely breathtaking and the way she pairs it with nude shoes and pulled back hair lets the dress be front and center.

source: justjared


medine amory. said...

I was just checking out 'go fug yourself', and the girls over there weren't impressed with this dress.

But me? I think it is stunning, and Cate looks gorgeous. She is beautiful, and the metallic dress and the light make-up, absolutely stunning!

I don't have the hip curves I would love to have, so if Cate would let me borrow her dress for awhile, you wouldn't hear me complaining. ;)

AlixRose said...

I figured it would be either you love it or you hate it kind of reviews.
I think she is stunning as well and did a wonderful job of pulling this look off.

I am sure she would let you borrow it. ;)

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