Today I spoke to a good friend of mine about the nitty and gritty part of life. Well gardening, I don't fancy getting dirty or putting my hands into the earth. Its not that I don't like flowers because I do.. I am a girl after all, but its a big commitment, and sometimes it doesn't pay off.
Its just that I am a city girl, I do lead a fast paced life and I spend a lot of time in front of the computer. Besides I don't have any clothes that I could possibly wear while pulling weeds. If I did, I wouldn't want to be seen in them EVER.

Why did I go into this tangent? Well, as I was thinking about gardening and clothes, these photos by Jacques Olivar came to mind. The contrast of a beautiful gown being worn while mowing the lawn is laughable, but also speaks to me. Olivar has this uncanny way of taking the everyday kind of task and making it a stylized and polished fashion moment. Now if I could look like this while mowing the lawn or waiting for the mail, maybe I would actually do it.

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