According to nymag.com, our runways will never be the same. The reign of taller than a skyscaper heels will become extinct. Sure models have been falling left and right but I love to look at these six, seven inch heeled shoes. I know I could never wear them, they are practically impossible for a model to walk in, let alone a normal person but I like to look.

"I’m pretty much over the five-inch-high platform and girls tripping all over the place. Granted, I’ve been responsible for some of that … [I]t’s terrible. I have sympathy, I do. Next season’s shoes should be more manageable, I’m feeling ready for a more refined, lighter, more feminine look "

I am excited to see what Rodarte comes up with and it will be nice to actually be able to wear the shoes that models do, without worrying about hurting your ankle.

pic source: getty


Anonymous said...

I agree cute shoe but i wont be able to wear them. And I love the green nail poilsh (post below).

Anonymous said...

i knew it! the shoes are just so ridiculous, as much as i love them, it's just not right, and it kind of defeats the purpose if you can't walk in these shoes outdoors. i mean, in my city there is cobblestone, gravel and stairs, and railroad tracks, it's hard enough to manuver in flats!

AlixRose said...

jujusheart2- I did the green nail polish this past summer and I have never had so many comments on my nails. It was all good too. I cant wait to do it again next summer.

jennine- they are ridiculous and i feel bad for the models who fall left and right but I will miss looking at them. I could never wear them either. I am already to much of a klutz and I walk everywhere, that would just be asking for trouble.

Anonymous said...

Wow..those look painful. Cool shoes but I'll definitely break my ankles in those.

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