I went out this past weekend and the overwhelming plague that follows women on an ever daily basis, hit me right between the eyes. I watched as my guy friends slipped their wallets into their back pockets and my jealousy hit an all time level. Don't get me wrong, I love my purses, I love pairing them with my outfits, I love putting all of my "I can't live without it" items inside, I just simply love looking at them and lugging them around.

What I don't love?

On a Friday night trying to put my lipstick, powder, camera, money and ID into a slim clutch and then having to carry it all night. I wouldn't dare put it down, or leave it on a table. I have had many friends suffer from the case of stolen cards and the heartache is just too much.

I used to fight with my best friend, on who's turn it was to carry the community purse. I think I ended up carrying it more than her, I am just a push over.

I think that's why I rejoice when it's boot season. My phone, lipstick, id and money fit snuggly inside and I don't have to worry about the awkwardness of dancing with it in my hand.

BUT, I would like for an actual pocket to be made inside of it though. It does feel a little uncomfortable when my lipstick travels down by my toes, or when the bartender gives me back change.

I don't know if anyone has created this yet, I know I can't be the first to think of such a thing, but so far its just a dream.

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