Giovanna Battaglia, a fashion inspiration in her own right, out does herself in her fashion styling. I am a lover of black and white photography, especially when its so perfectly styled, this set instantly makes me feel as if I have been transported to another time. I have the sudden urge to put on my favorite polka dot dress, apply some red lipstick and head to the nearest piano bar. I am overwhelmed by the inspiration that every photograph exudes.

source: brydges Mackinney



Anonymous said...

You & me both! These are incredible images-- they have such personality and pizazz, something I feel a lot of fashion photography lacks nowadays.

Thank you for sharing! I'll be adding these to my favorites.

AlixRose said...

I am so glad that I am not the only one that sees the personality in these. You are so right, a lot of pictures lack that certain umph - lack of a better word, but these have it in folds.

No problem! :)

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