Golden Globes: Watching for the Clothes

I have been watching the Golden Globes since I was a little girl. The beautiful gowns, le sigh, it was like watching living princesses on the screen. As I became older I still felt extreme love for the boring production, it is boring, but it was enough for me to see beautiful gowns(that I would never be able to wear) filling my screen. This year I found myself with this feeling of blah, lack of a better word. I used to see the Golden Globes as this fun rehearsal dinner before the Oscars. I guess that's why I always expect to see some risk taking fashion. This year it was all about lines, structure and very little color.

The beige, creams, vanilla, do hold a classic sophistication but it can also wash a person out. That's what I saw happening over and over again. The gowns themselves were beautiful, in line, in art, the structure.. just completely breathtaking but the color left me wanting more.

images: just jared

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Anonymous said...

yup pale neutrals are in for spring 09 :)

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