The clothes aren't particularly something I would wear, even though the black and white polka dot dress is growing on me, but then it's not LL's look either. That could be my one problem with this campaign, she has all of the standard model poses but I guess I miss the leggings. Who thought I would say that?

images: nymag


Ashe Mischief said...

Seeing this ad, along with her recent bits on Ugly Betty, have just made me sad. I watch Mean Girls and she looked so full of life and energy, and now, no matter what, she just looks hollow and angry.

alixrose said...

It makes me sad too. I watched all of her movies, there was just something about her and I wanted to see it. I think a part of me misses that and that's why I still read or see all things Lohan. But her spark is gone, and it has been for awhile.
She's still young so maybe it will come back.

Nay said...

Ha..Lohan...it was child fame and now its her dealing with the aftermath! What a shame! I was just flipping through channels and watched some of that movie with her and Tyra (something about Tyra being a barbie) Anyway, she was a good actor...keyword was. Like you said maybe it will come back ;-). Other than that hope rainy Seattle is treating you well!

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