I was doing my random searching last night and came across Laila Azhar. The Moroccan-born womenswear designer beauty, who has been making her mark in fashion since 2005.

Laila on her personal style and designs.
Understated with an edge. My designs are elegant and feminine, yet the lines remain clean and very defined. The garments tend to be sculpted, with an emphasis on cut over excessive ornamentation. When I look at a garment, I don't like my eye to be distracted by excessive detail. I like my eye to just glide over the garment and appreciate the overall shape of it. -quoted from singleandfab.com

What I love about these dresses, not only are they elegant and totally something I would wear, but they take me back to my childhood.

I used to stand in front of a mirror and look at how plain my outfit was and in my effort to make what I was wearing into something more, I would twist. I would twist the fabric at my chest and think it would look so much better with just a little twisted knot.

Of course Laila Azhar took it to the umpteeth level. She made my childhood improvisations into a beautiful design. A design that my adult fashion heart, oohs and awes over.

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