I know this is like her third time on the magazine cover. I really don't get the whole biting her thumb pose, is there something I don't know?

She's wearing her own designs in the rest of the pictures. I love the color of the red one and the way she pairs it with a belt. I wonder what it looks like without the added accessories. As for the black with blue sequins, I have to say I love it. I like the cut of it, the classic appeal with a little unexpected element. The fact that it goes beyond the knee keeps it lady like, but as a petite person I would like it shorter.

There always seems to be mixed reviews when it comes to Posh, especially with the emergence of her line.What are your thoughts?


Anonymous said...

I really love the clothes, especially the red gown! My though, she looks so frightfully tiny in it though..

AlixRose said...

I always gasp when I see how tiny she is. I don't know how she does it??

Anonymous said...

I can't help that I was a huge spice girls fan back in the day, however Posh wasn't my fave. Yet, she is a pretty chic dresser.

AlixRose said...

I was too. She wasn't my fave either, in fact I liked all of them pretty much the same.

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