I have to admit, that I have stayed in my pajamas until 3pm on a Tuesday, just because I could. It felt good. I was comfortable and getting work done.

Then I noticed on the following Tuesday that I was waking up later, staying up later and staying in my pajamas only to change into pajamas for the night.. oh and I wasn't getting that much work done. I was becoming a set of lazy bones, not only was my work suffering, but so was my spirit.

Its quite an adjustment, going from working in an office, to working from home. When I worked in the office, I would dress not only for myself but for the people I worked with. At home I had no one to dress for and if I didn't really care, then why get dressed at all.

One day I decided to get up as if I was going to work. I had my breakfast, picked out my clothes, ironed and did all of my normal getting ready for work routines.

I didn't go as far as putting on shoes, and I put on less make-up but I felt instantly better.

When I sat down at my desk at home on this morning, I could feel that my head was in a new space. I was ready to work. It kind of amazed me how just the change in my attire, from pj's to a pair of jeans and a favorite top, changed my whole attitude.

Sure there are some day's where I still stay in pj's a little later into the day, but most days I try to make effort, to get dressed, fix my hair and put on some make-up. Its important to me it makes me feel better and I get work done.

So make the effort. I noticed I can't do it half-assed either. I cant just wear my favorite kick around jeans and my favorite comfy sweater. I have to wear something that I wouldn't mind being seen in. So if someone shows up at my door or a friend calls and wants to go to lunch, I want to be not only ready but presentable.

This is what works for me. It may seem obvious, but not until I started doing this everyday did I notice the difference. My work is a lot better and getting done faster and my spirit feels refreshed.

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Anonymous said...

i have PJ days too! its great!

Anonymous said...

i agree, people used to laugh at me when i told them i would get dressed for work when i worked at home, but it does make a difference.

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