I had every intention of doing a Oscar fashion post, but then my jealousy took over and I decided not to. It maybe because I am jealous of the fact that while I have to be in real life, celebrities get to have their Princess moments again, again and again.


The last time I put on any gown was my senior prom, I loved my dress, purple and lace with a full skirt, but that was - insert year here- years ago. I guess I am just jealous that I don't have a reason to get all gussied up.

If I was to go buy a dress where would I wear it? On a date, I can imagine the look of the guy I was meeting ...horror.. because only a crazy girl would wear a ball gown to Wasabi Bistro. I could just wear it around the house, but that reminds me of the episode of Friends where Monica tried on Emily's wedding dress.. desperate...
Last resort, I could just buy one to have in my closet, for a just in case, but that makes me feel bad. A beautiful dress is meant to be worn and keeping it in my closet just makes me a bad clothes lover.

So, I guess for now I will just admire the dresses from afar. I still won't post about it, instead I will do my own outfit post. Its Monday and I will be sitting at my desk most of the day trying to get some work done. So its no ball gown, but my favorite black jeans always makes me feel good. I paired it with sleeveless grey vest, but the best part of my outfit are my necklaces. They are actually belts, but I think they look better around my neck.


Happy Monday!


Frankie said...

you have a killer fringe! x

kadler said...

Love the chains.

Anonymous said...

uh hello lovely!

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