Living in Seattle, you may think that I have a closet full of trench coats... if only. I have to say that I am very picky when it comes to finding the perfect one. I look for a few things.

1) The length is very important. I like it to hit right above the knee and for a petite girl sometimes that can be a little hard to do. I always check to see if the fashion line has a petite collection. Also, I always check the kids section of the store. The XL sizes are sometimes a better fit than the women's XS or Small.

2) The fit is another important factor. I like to make sure there is a little more room because I like to layer. Seattle is cold and windy and I need room for my classic top, sweater combo. If there is one thing I hate is the look of a coat looking strained against your body. The look that kinda says "that any moment a button will pop." Yeah, not so hot!

3) A little x factor. The Marc Jacobs trench that Leighton is wearing is definitely a style that would catch my eye. I like that the material inside the coat is a little unexpected. I always want to go for a colored trench, but since it will most likely be a daily wear, I would want the trench to have more of a classic look. It will more likely go with more items in my closet, so the unexpected lining of the coat is welcomed a feature. I can choose to roll up the sleeves and change the look if I want to.. I like options.

Here are some looks that I am leaning towards.


urban outfitters

Do you have any favorite trench styles that you are coveting? Do you have any tips for finding the perfect trench? Please Share!


Anonymous said...

I always love a colored trench-- partially because I think camel is drab on me, and partially because it gives it a bit of extra oomph!

Fit is so, so important, and it can be really hard to find one that fits well. I find belts don't look good on me, so one with princess seams would be beautiful!

Rebecca, A Clothes Horse said...

Those are great. I just have one black trench coat, I definitely need a classic tan one!

Frankie said...

great tips! i like my trenches to be as film noir as possible x

AlixRose said...

ashe mischief: Good point about the belts. I have only been loving them the last two years and its great and smart to know what looks good on you.
You are stellar!

Clotheshorse: I have a black one too but I am always looking for a new one.

Frankie: Thanks dear, they are little tips that help me so I though it might help others.

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