Gladiator Jelly sandals. I am not kidding. To tell you the truth I was never a fan of the standard jellies. They were too childish and felt funny against my feet. Honestly, they did nothing to enhance my outfit and I only live to enhance. The fact that they are waterproof was really their only redeeming quality. The shoes below do play on the summer trends that will no doubt consume the fashion future, but will the fact that they are jelly make you want them even more or less?

Jellies by Melissa Shoes for Vivienne Westwood

Well it seems as if designers like Givenchy,Westwood, Chloe and Steve Madden are counting on us wanting to take the neon gladiator look to the beach.

Jellies for Topshop

I am still undecided on the whole look but that could because my life isn't a beach. In the summer, I maybe make it there once or twice a month. Geese saying that out loud makes me sad, I will have to change that this year. I do live in Seattle though. :)

Jellies by See Chloe

Jellies by Givenchy

What are your thoughts on the whole look?

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May Kasahara said...

crazy! Old Navy did gladiator jellies last year - for once Old Navy was ahead of the game.

. . . .not that I approve of jellies or anything * * *


Nicole P. said...

I keep seeing the Melissa shoes everywhere--loads of different types all in rubber. I'm curious to see if they'd just make your feet really sweaty.

Frankie said...

It's a no from me. But they'd probably look good on someone cool! x

Dream Sequins said...

I'm so drawn to those bright green ones from Topshop. They're probably the most affordable ones out there, right? I remember people wearing the bright orange Marni ones around last summer... Looks neat, but I hesitate to pay so much for literal plastic shoes...

A Stylized Hysteria said...

For this trend, I'd definitely go cheap. Jelly sandals rarely cycle back in style for a reason! But... I've seen some jelly pumps/ballet flats that are gorgeous and totally worth splurging on!

Anonymous said...

I like it. It's perfect for the beach AND for town !

WendyB said...

They would be great to wear in the rain, now that you bring up the waterproof issue!

Annie Spandex said...


Anonymous said...

The Givenchy ones are surprisingly cute!

? said...

::small voice:: I do kind of like those Melissa for Vivienne Westwood jellies. But like you, I never really got into the trend. Plus, I don't think I'd buy designer jellies, because to me, jellies shouldn't cost more than $20, at the most.

Julia said...

I got into the Jelly designer shoe game through my Ferragamo's which I love, wore to death, and had rip on me. But they were so worthy of their 100 dollar price tag [especially when Ferragamo refunded me my money for the defect] perfect for going to clubs and not worrying about shoes or a summer shower. Afterward I got a pair of Fendi flat jelly shoes, another fully closed shoe, but these hurt a lot more. Can't break them in. I don't think I'd get actual gladiator shoes, but as flats I think they're a great piece. Or I should say a more closed shoe.

Also Barneys has a great Givenchy jelly that you didn't post which I would consider but not for 175.

Anonymous said...

I'm not averse to jellies at all, but can't really fathom spending serious dough on them since they're such a seasonal item. Love the Vivienne Westwood/Melissa ones and the first black pair. I also like these bad boys from Paul Smith, although admittedly, only because I have a discount there!

Always loved everything by Melissa! I have two pairs - one pair of ankle strap heels and I just recently got the gold rubber oxfords. And for the record, they don't really make my feet sweat all that much!


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