I probably didn't even have to tell you that this shoot for Elle was styled by Erin Wasson. I wonder if Erin wore these clothes to the set and then just decided it would work perfectly on Freida. It says Erin all over it. Thoughts?


WendyB said...

Frida looks so good all glammed up -- this doesn't thrill me as much.

? said...

Beautiful editorial! She almost doesn't look like herself, but she still looks gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

beautiful photos. she looks great. way more interesting like this than when she goes glam

Stacy said...

Erin did a fantastic job. I love the last photo.

Ashley said...

Haha you're so right, while the pictures were loading all I saw was the knuckle ring, and I knew that these pics were going to be very Erin Wasson. They are great though, she has amazing style and I definitely think it works with Freida, who is insanely gorgeous btw.


Frankie said...

This style is so Erin, you're right. Freida is so bloody beautiful - unfair x

Anonymous said...

Great post!! Gotta love Erin. I think Wendy has a point about Freida in that she's built up this glamourous identity. Maybe a little more of this and I'll change my mind.

Erin could dress me in Osh Gosh and I'd feel like a million bucks.

Taylor said...

it totally screens Erin. I love the picture. Michael looks really good.

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