Erika Hendrix
is a perfect example of what a little love and determination can create. Her self-titled line is not only devoted to dressing men and women in stylish clothing and accessories, but is also committed to staying green. She hand makes all of her items and if you had the pleasure of talking to Erika over email or twitter, you know that anything created by her will have personality and heart.


1. Is Erika Hendrix your real name and if not why Hendrix?
My maiden name is Hendrix, I am married now. But YES, it is my real (maiden) name. I think it is the best to use your name instead of a made up name that you might not like anymore after a few years.

2. I saw that you started out in interior design, but what was the push that made you start your own label?
While I was doing an apprenticeship as an interior designer I got pregnant and I suddenly had the urge to do something else. So I got a sewing machine and some fabric and started sewing. I didn’t want to wear all the clothes I was making, so I went to several stores, showed them my line and they took me in on consignment. I though I would just give it a try and it worked out for me. and that’s how it all started...


3. We know that you are from Germany. Are there any specific places that you get inspiration from for your line?
I live in Germany because my husband is in the military and that’s where he wanted to go. We actually just moved here from Oklahoma. I get my inspiration from everywhere. People on the street, books and of course the internet. I also love being on Twitter and seeing all the amazing creative people. You can catch me @erikahendrix.

4. Urban Romance is the title of your Spring 2009 line. The lookbook is a visual story book, what inspired you to actually make characters out of your clothes?

I think it helps people indentify with the clothes they are wearing. And it gives the collection a personality that makes it come to live. The story is about a small-town girl that moves into the big city and finds out that you can show your inner confidence through your choice of clothing.


5. I know that I like to have music on while I am working, what do you listen to when you are creating?
Oh I love music and its actually very inspiring. I love indie and alternative and I am so into British Alternative right now, I love the accent and the funny thing is I used to hate it. I have Moving to New York by The Wombats stuck in my head right now! They rock.
I also love to listen to the radio sometimes, since I am alone all day it makes me feel like I have company.

6. Anything you would like to say to people who visit your website?
Obviously you already know what's good =), so thank you for visiting and make sure to sign up for the biweekly newsletter to receive exclusive discounts. And I guarantee you that you will not receive any SPAM only goodies, so don’t be afraid!



Anonymous said...

she's such a doll! i want to visit her, being as we're both americans in germany... nice interview.

Dream Sequins said...

Lovely interview. She seems so sweet and her clothing seems really lovely as well!

Frankie said...

Great interview. Her designs are ever so dreamy x

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