I have to admit that the name Milla Jovovich didn't mean anything to me until she had her stint on the Fifth Element. After that it was like she was everywhere, of course it may have been a little hard to tell because she changes her look like I change my shoes. She hasn't been on the pages of magazines as much as she used to, becoming a mom, in films and then of course her clothing line with Carmen Hawk.. we understand why it would be hard to find the time. So it was quite a treat to find her gracing the pages of Elle Italy.










I really love this editorial, this kind of setting partnered with soft lighting are among my favorite eds because of the carefree whimsy it personifies. Also, the styling is like a dream, with silk and sheer fabrics, soft colors and elements of nature, such as flowers and feathers. Milla was a perfect choice for this..her expression changes from mysterious, flirty, sensual to playful - bringing a character to life rather than just a pretty face on the page. Honestly, everytime I look at it I find something new about the clothes, her look.. just the editorial itself. So go ahead and look again.


lauren said...

When is this girl going to age? I mean really? She's looked exactly the same for an age! Grrrr! So pretty!

Dream Sequins said...

Apparently she's made a pact with the devil, lauren. LOL. She looks great. Love the white dresses in the editorial! I'm so looking forward to springtime. I won't even mind the allergies, I swear. Please bring it, spring!

? said...

Beautiful editorial! She looks great and I agree, she never ages!

Tiffany said...

such gorgeous images. love them!

James said...

She looks amazing. Especially with tights and boots:

Proof: http://toomanytights.typepad.com/toomanytights/2009/04/free-shipping-on-all-items-forever.html

Mary said...

She is so beautiful. I remember when she first started in modeling as a teenager. I really don't think she has aged a bit.

Rebecca, A Clothes Horse said...

She is definitely a maverick.

jordana said...

Love! Thanks for always giving me great visuals to gawk at!

kadler said...

That bow headband is really awesome.

And I agree - she's still that gal from the Fifth Element to me.

Frankie said...

I really do love Milla. She really is the perfect being! x

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