I used to have a pair of sunglasses just like these in High School....seriously! I bought them at a vintage store in Downtown Seattle one summer, it was love at first sight!


I didn't take care of them very well, but they were loved. I wore them almost daily for a whole summer. I think my parents were happy the day I lost them.

Magazine:Lula #8
Photographer: Blossom Berkofsky
Model:Sarah Stephans

Scannedy by loverunway@TFS



yoli said...

wow! really cool!

La Couturier said...

Those are cool =]

La C.

Tarah said...

Remind me to show you some glasses I scored from my mamaw when she moved - they are ridiculously cool but need some lovin' as some rhinestones are missing and they are a bit discolord. I think you'd love them!

alixrose said...

I have to admit mine were black so not as cool as the red but I loved them all the same.

Tara - I would love to see them!

Swell Vintage - Frankie said...

These are HOT hot hot x

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