I know what you are thinking when you see thigh high boots. SHHHH! No need to say it out loud. Let me tell you friends, times are a changing. They no longer hold that trashy stigmata. They make a sleek, smooth, sexy statement.



My favorite look right now is pairing colored jeans with the classic black thigh high boots. It gives the sleek look a shot of vibrancy and fun. It also easy illustrates the fact that you are wearing thigh highs, if I was wearing them I would want everyone to know too.


Of course you could be walking a fine line when you decide to wear thigh highs with a skirt. Why does this work? It works because she sticks with variations of black. There's no skin, the tights just assist the boots in elongating the legs. If you know me, you know I am up for anything that makes my legs look longer. ;)

Have I convinced you? Are you still a little unsure? Ok, next time you go out... just try them on. I guarantee that the women staring at you will be staring in envy.

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James said...

Hmmmm... you've given me an idea for a hot hot hot pair of leggings. Thanks.

And yes, thigh high boots are hot, as long as you don't look like a hooker, y'know? Which I'm sure you don't.


WendyB said...

I feel like these have been around for years -- I got a suede pair in Bergdorfs about five years ago -- but I guess now they have everyone's seal of approval! I've always worn mine with skirts. I don't think they'd make it over a pair of jeans. Leggings, maybe.

Betsey Jennifer said...

I'm obsessed with the Sergio Rossi thigh high zipper boots.
such a must have.


ps. added you on my link list from IFB.

Dream Sequins said...

I definitely need a little heel with my boot. Nice to see the thigh high with heel done well... Now to find something that won't break the bank...

AlixRose said...

wendyb - They have been around for awhile but like you I feel like people are finally coming around to them.

BetseyJ- Oh yes and thanks for adding me.

DreamSequins - I need heel as well since I am on the petite side. Yes, these do tend to break the bank. ;)

A Stylized Hysteria said...

I have a great pair from Zara that look great with jeans and skirts. They're a little slouchy, which I think makes them more slutty looking, but I still love them! I can't say I've heard anything but positive comments when I wear them.

Eyeliah said...

Oh I love them, they just need to make them to fit bigger calves!

Frankie said...

I love the look, but don't think I could pull it off! No harm in trying, I guess...x

ilikestuff said...

Hey, you don't need to sell me on this idea...because I'm already sold. Now I just need to find a pair that won't set me back thousands!


Freya said...

Same pinch, I have been coveting that look lately too!

jordana said...

K...I've wanted a pair of thigh boots since Chinese Laundry came out with that great afforable suede style last year...now that I've been reminded...I don't know if I can resist! Plus, now you can find a great pair on sale for less than $100. Should I? I'm sure you'd like it if I bought the flat style so we could actually get our heads in the same photo! Excited to see you lovely!

Unknown said...

geraldine is stunning!!
I've added you on my blogroll hope you don't mind ;-)

Boot_lili said...

hi! : ) i have owned thigh high boots since a teenager in the 80`s and currently own 71 pairs! i didn`t care then as now of so called stigma of "hooker" and big deal! i like to be ME and will always wear thigh high boots and i do wear them all year long every pair! : )


Boot_lili said...

look in ebay as some really nice deals now!

Nick said...

I am glad to see the fashion trend returning! My wife has been a proponent of fashionable thigh high boots for years and has bucked the trends away from them every fall. Believe me ladies, the old "looks like a hooker" addage has to be put to bed! Wear and enjoy your thigh high boots this fall!

She also sells boots for two of the leading manufacturers of boots in the US; Pleaser USA and Ellie Shoes. Fashionable and sensible thigh high boots can be obtained for under $100 now! Please feel free to respond and drop her an email about her lines of thigh high boots!

LauraMariaMartini said...

I like to see, that tight high boots are comming back and we can wear it, but I like it more to see it on a girl, wearing a pantyhose or stockings, then in jeans.

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone!!! I'm in my 40s and have ALWAYS been very partial to slouchy, pullon/"stressed"/"acordion"-style thighboots over the much tighter-fittng side-zip ones ... partly because I do alot of skiing, hiking, biking etc an have rather large, muscular calves, but also 'cuz I just REALLY ADORE that "stressed" look!!! Only problem of course is that sometimes if the boots I wear are REALLY slouchy, they keep sliding down my (preferably nylon-clad) legs and gathering around my ankles!!!!! (LOL)

But if I wear OVER jeans or another THICK sort of pant, it usuallyy works fine. The 1970s and '80s both were very much a time of SLOUCHY PULLON thighboots, and I'm sure THAT ALSO has something to do with why I prefer those sort of super-sexy boots over the tight-fitting ones (since I pretty much 'discovered" thighboots---and my fervent love FOR them---in the 1970s and '80s both)

Think it's GREAT, though, that so many gals of ALL ages (like LAURA) out there ARE sooooo passionate about tall-shaft dress boots in general, and thigh-high boots in particular---and also that those taller boots styles are finding much-deserved ACCEPTANCE again in the mainstream fashion industry after a longgggg, unwarranted absence from it!! :)

XOXO Joannie H.

John (boot friends Australia) said...

I totally agree with Joannie, although tight boots look very sexy, looser fitting ones like from the 70's and 80's are where its at. Tight fitting with stockings and a skirt, loose fitting with jeans or leather pants etc.

The important thing here is that women are going back to feeling comfortable wearing boots that extend past the knee and hopefully the negative reactions from some regarding these boots will be banished into the past.

I really hope this is a trend that continues and we see many more women choosing thigh high boots as part of their daily dress.

Fortunately I am one of the lucky ones, for thigh boots never went out of fashion for my wife, she has a huge boot collection of approximately 400 pairs with about 50 being classed a true thigh high boots. She takes every opportunity to wear these out but unfortunately sometimes people give her very negative looks. I feel there are many many women out there that would love to wear such boots but are put off by negative attitudes so the sooner we can get thigh high boots back into the main stream, the sooner these women can feel the joy of wearing super sexy boots. Not slutty, not trampy, not desperate....just plain sexy. Do we call a woman wearing a very short skirt slutty...NO. So why should a pair of long boots over jeans ever be considered slutty by a woman of any age or shape??

Melissa Yi said...

LOVE! I just bought thigh-highs and wanted an example of how to wear them with pants. Skirts are easy, but not pants. So may I ask what kind/brand of colored jeans are you wearing?

Thanks so much!

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