Well its that time of year again, to celebrate the day of my birth. Usually I am a lover of cake, candles and friends gathering together to sing thee old birthday song, but this year as I was getting closer to getting older I was getting a little frowny. Well... no worries I kicked that grumpiness to the curb (thanks to a dear friends pep talk) and decided I am going to kick out the old year and start the new one with a BANG.

Here's how you can help!

My actual Birthday is on May 4th, a Monday. Everyone will be at work and instead of being on my hiney at home, I decided that I want to do things that YOU my friends suggest. I will be heading to downtown Seattle, so if there's anything you would like me to take a picture of or to do, let me know. I will pick out as many things as possible, money is an object .. so hopefully nothing too expensive. I will twitter about my birthday adventures all day and then blog about it.


A lot of you have become dear friends and it wouldn't be right to leave you out of my birthday celebration. This is just my way of making YOU part of it and besides I think it will make the day fun and memorable.

Be creative... Can't wait to see what you all have in mind!

Here's a link to whats going on in Seattle!: HERE


Sara said...

What a great idea! Since I can't afford it...I want you to go get a special birthday mani & pedi. I also want you to pick a bright red polish! :)

Unknown said...

Happy Bday!!! amazing idea :))

Frankie said...

Ohh Alix, I LOVE this idea! Did you know that May 4th is a bank holiday in the UK? Probably in honour of your birthday.

My one request is that you get a photo with as many bearded men as possible!


Dream Sequins said...

Can you take pics of yourself trying on some really divine party dresses and/or sky high heels? I love a good party dress :)

Alya said...

Happy Birthday :)

Frankie said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY my lovely love! xxx

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