Your probably thinking what could Minnie Mouse, Jem and the Sorceress of Grayskull have to do with a fashion blog? Well it seems as if cartoons are more influential in the world of style than you think.

Lady Gaga has become a regular WTH was she thinking kind of fashion icon, but one thing I always kind of liked about her look was her hair bow. I think its because it reminds me of Minnie Mouse and I don't know one person who didnt adore Minnie.



Personally I have always loved Jem more than Babrie. My Jem doll had massive pink star earrings that I always coveted. Fortunately I had a great mother who for my 6th birthday got me pink star earrings. The only hiccup was that she had a hard time getting them off of me when it was time for bed.



The Sorceress of Grayskull is probably not a cartoon character that sticks out in your mind, but I had a brother that had his own He-man sword, so I was forced to watch it. (Ok i liked it too, but Teela was my fave character) The thing is as soon as I saw this photo she came to mind. I dont know if the designer was channeling her, but it just seems to close for her not to be.

It just goes to show that inspiration can come from anywhere. Also fashion gives you the opportunity to stay young, carefree and even pay a little homage to some of the characters that influnced your childhood. How sweet is that?

Any characters influence your style?


Ashe Mischief said...

Jem DEFINITELY influences my style-- she's one of my all time favorites (and one of my first "Dramatis Personae" features, ever!). I love seeing the cartoons paired with real life counterparts.

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James said...

Well spotted. I'm influenced by the smurfs - I just wear white tights with a hat.

...and never underestimate Barbie. Chick's got staying power.

agentnoir said...

Okay, I LOVE these comparisons. They are beyond cute & crazy imaginative!

So many people hate on Lady Gaga's style & while I recognize that going sans pants isn't always the most stylish, I can't get enough of this hair bow! I love it! I wish my hair could rock it- Seattle wouldn't even know what hit 'em! ;)

Anonymous said...

tremendous post! jem was also my childhood jam and i just can't get enough those pink star earrings and bracelet!


AlixRose said...

Ashe -I knew you had killer style. I am going to have to look up your feature.

Too Many- I don't underestimate her at all but my love for Jem surpasses my love for Barbie.

Agent noir - Seattle would think you were crazy..hahaha!

Lauriebot - I lost my earrings a long time ago but now I want to get a new pair just to channel her girl power once in awhile. ;)

Dream Sequins said...

I do looove Jem, the Holograms and the Misfits. Those Misfits were some seriously stylish cats! :) Also, Smurfette, for her amazing ability to stay girlie despite being the only girl smurf in the village...Jeremy Scott and J.C. de Castelbajac (http://www.jc-de-castelbajac.com/) come to mind for cartoonish clothing.

Retro Chick said...

Fantastic! I used to love Jem, she was way more rock than Barbie!

Though as my name is Gemma I did used to get kids at school singing the theme tune from the cartoon at me, which I wasn't so keen on!

Frankie said...

Great post! Spot on. I personally try and dress like Penelope Pittstop wherever possible x

WendyB said...

I enjoy seeing Lady G's latest looks.

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