The best thing about summer nights is that the sun lasts a little later. What does that mean to me? No coat and no jeans, my legs can break free. I love dresses and in the summer they just seem to get a little shorter.



Legs can enhance your look in so many ways, depending on what kind of dress/skirt you are wearing. It instantly elongates your legs, which in my case I will take at every opportunity,but it can also add this carefree, sexy, fierce element to your look.


I think it also exudes a confidence. How can you not feel like a million bucks in a skirt and heels?

I know women tend to freak out over their legs, been there.. done that, but I would gladly go run three times a week to be able to wear this.



We are all very critical of the way we look, but don't knock the look or sell yourself short. Half the look is the attitude you put into it.

Vogue China June 2009
pic source:
model couture


WendyB said...

I used to wear ultra-short...not so much anymore!

AlixRose said...

I actually like my legs more than I did when I was younger, maybe because I finally realized I was being way to critical. So I am enjoying my short phase.

Jennifer Nicole said...

I've just begun re-embracing my bare legs again, and this post gives me that extra oompf to wear a short skirt this weekend...thank you!

AlixRose said...

Seattle weather can make you forget about your legs all together so I am glad this post offered a little inspiration. It makes me happy.

Unknown said...

You know me, the shorter the better. I always hem everything up! I like bare legs, they do look pretty fierce...

Also it means that I don't have to pick a tights colour in the morning!


thefatandskinnyonfashion said...

i too just starting showing my legs again, but i think it is b/c i have been working out again and my legs are looking good.

Rebecca, A Clothes Horse said...

So true! I actually don't like my legs, but because I like short skirts I don't care. :)

Rebecca, A Clothes Horse said...

P.S. On the Seattle thing...it is a bit of both. I'm not from WA but we lived here for 3 yrs when I was much younger.

Rain said...

If the weather is sunny & warm...shorts & mini-skirts are coming out of the closet!:D


AlixRose said...

So great to see so many people loving the leg life.

MR: Yes I do know! No tights leaves you a min more in the morning to sleep in. Yes I agree its pretty fierce.

Fat&skinny - Good for you for working out, I have been sick and miss it.. well more like miss the way i look when I work out, not the actually activity of working out.

Clothes Horse: Great attitude, like WendyB says "Wear what you want, Bitches" LOL! Words to live by.

Ah then welcome home!

Rain: My thoughts exactly!!! Awesome.

Retro Chick said...

Bare legs and a skirt and heels in Summer instantly makes you feel just that little bit sexier.

I think you have to be honest with yourself though, it's terrible seeing women in mini skirts with varicose veins and stretch marks on show when just a couple of inches longer would have looked sexy and sophisticated!

James said...

I like my legs. :)

But I am 6'2"...

jordana said...

If these pics don't inspire me to get my butt to the gym, nothing will. I hate my legs with a passion, but have been working hard in hopes to show some leg this summer. We'll see how that works out.

HoneyBunny said...

I love short dresses and skirts, but I'm wearing them mostly with tights now that I live in the UK...summers are too cold for me in here..and I don;t even have a chance to get some tan, and without it it;s very unlikely that I'll wear short dresses etc without tights;D

AlixRose said...

RC- Yes it does make you feel sexy! Most women are pretty critical of themselves, I just hope some of them read this and take a risk.

Too many - I wish you could share some of your height with me! :) I hope you totally rock them.

Jord- I know you hate your legs but I think you are too hard on yourself, you look stellar in a dress. These pictures are my inspiration. My cough went away and now I feel like I have no excuses to stay away from the gym.

HoneyBunny - I understand completely Seattle is like London a lot. Ive lived in both and your right there's hardly ever a chance to wear short skirts but let me tell you when the sun ever came out I was rocking a skirt. I hope you do too.

agentnoir said...

I'm the most critical person EVER when it comes to myself, but surprisingly, my legs are my favorite feature. Even at 5'3" so when summer rolls around, I am always ecstatic because skirts and dresses are my favorite pieces ever!!

Maxi dresses are gettin' in the way of my leg love though! :)

Great post. I love the way you encourage women to embrace their features, seasons and trends!

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