Don't be afraid friends, but I am declaring white the official color of summer. I see you shuddering at the thought. Yes, white can get dirty easier than a lot of other colors, but its not like your rolling around in the dirt....or are you? When I put on white I feel this light and carefree feeling wash over me. It doesn't hurt that it also brings out the color of my tan, yes we have sun in Seattle that we can get a tan from!!!

In honesty I do have people say to me that they think the color washes them out, but I don't think they get what white can do for them. I see it as a blank canvas that gives you the opportunity to create a masterpiece, because every color of the rainbow can go with white. This is when you pull out those funky shoes that go with nothing or that necklace that seems to clash with every top, that you are on the brink of getting rid of it.


If you are not ready to take on the colors of the rainbow, then of course black and white is just as cool, even in the summer sun. Yes, I admit that when I wear my white blazer,I don't scoot all they way back in my seat and I do take it off before I eat anything, but those are little things I can live with just so I can continue to wear white.

Moral to the story: Don't let fear rule your clothes choices.

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Birdie! said...

I definitely need more white in my wardrobe!!


Frankie said...

You speak the truth, my dear! White is not a colour I would normally wear, but I'm willing to keep an open mind! x

Dream Sequins said...

YES. I am loving white for summer, too. Backing away from the color black for now... :)

Jacob said...

...yes we have sun in Seattle that we can get a tan from!!!Blue Scholars said it best, "Ain't nothing better than summer in the Northwest."

Damn right! :-)

jordana said...

I LOVE white and am so glad you posted this...especially before Memorial Day b/c I def. don't follow that rule.

P.S. I'm wearing white today...just a tee, but still!

AlixRose said...

Birdie, I noticed that my eye keeps falling on white. I need it in my wardrobe too.

Frankie - Thats all that I ask. ;) I have shunned a lot of things and then tried it and wondered why I hadnt done it before.

DreamSequins: Step away from black, its ok. I will hold your hand.

Jacob Cristobal: Nice, I love the BC. They are so right. I think Seattlelites appreciate the sun more than any other city.

Jord: I dont follow the rules.. haha! PS: I knew you were.. jk!

agentnoir said...

This is so challenging for me- this whole season has been super challenging for me but I definitely think I can swing white. It totally inspires me to get out and work on my tan too! :)

WendyB said...

I think my skin is white enough to count for this trend.

Eyeliah said...

oh i love white in the summer, great color choice!

Tiffany said...

I love little white dresses in the summer! and white blazers. and white jeans. okay, i like white!

Blicious said...

i love white! i have been looking for a white summer dress. :) cute blog! i am linking you!

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