My apologies for not updating in the last few days, it has left me out of sorts, but it couldn't be avoided. I had a fun filled weekend ignoring the fact that I had a sore throat and cough, well I am paying for it now. Okay, now that we are over the woe is me part.. its onto the love courtesy of Forever 21.


The brand takes on Love in a sophisticated twist. It still sticks to the basic staples such as: denim, skirts, maxi dress, belted dresses and shorts. In its effort to make the look effortless they border on the bohemian edge. If you are not keen to that look, no worries it keeps its distance just enough.


I know that the trends change as easily as turning a page. So, the fact that the prices won't cost an arm and a leg is quite comforting.


The strongest look to me is the white top with the pink skirt. It has the sophisticated aspect couple with a little fun. Its not a baby doll pink it actually borders on the neon 80's pink, which I am fond of.. lol!



I am taken with the look book, but as always I will wait to give my seal of approval until I see it in person. Have you seen it? Thoughts?


Birdie! said...

That first little lavender number is adorable. I wonder if it's well constructed though...

AlixRose said...

Its advertised as being higher quality. They are using premium denim and 100% silk, but like you I still wonder and will wait till I see it in person.

geri hirsch said...

ohhh excited to check this out! thank you for the heads up!

HoneyBunny said...

Wow, looks great! Love that pink skirt ensemble as well. And you're right..you've got to see it yourself first..then you can really judge it;)

Thanks for your visit and lovely comment!

agentnoir said...

I had no idea F21 was doing this. The stuff definitely looks great but I wonder if the price of items will be higher than normal F21 but the quality will remain the same. Truthfully, I don't know that I'd pay much more for F21 quality...

thefatandskinnyonfashion said...

Some of the clothes look nice. I am not too fond of the last two pieces though. That pattern on the skirt is too busy.

eluv said...

lovely post, and i love your header!

Jacob said...

Sorry to hear you're a bit under the weather. Feel better soon.

AlixRose said...

Geri- No problem, glad to finally repay after all the heads up you have given me.

Honeybunny- I still havent seen it, to busy but as soon as I do I will let you know.

Agentnoir - I know what you mean, I have to check it all out.

fatandskinny - I do like the maxi dress but the skirt is a little to hippy style for my taste but I have to see it in person too.

McCall - Thank you!

Jacob Cristobal - This cold has been holding on to me with a vengeance. I hope to get better soon too. Thanks!

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