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It's no secret that I am a Leighton Meester fan. I have talked about her before here and here.. just a warning there will be more LM posts in the future. She has a effortless style that I can't help but admire. So, when I saw her wearing another Pencey item, the one shoulder top, I knew I just had to find out more about this line, that has definitely made an impression on her. I am so glad I looked because I instantly fell for Pencey.

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"Sometimes I want to dress like a tomboy and other days I want to feel girly and pretty," says Christina Minasian, the stylist and buyer behind the ready-to-wear line, who tempers her whimsical designs with tailored pieces to reflect her "boy meets girl" sensibility.

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I honestly love the way Minasian makes her clothes so flirty and feminine. I actually think there is a fine line between little girl cute and womanly fun, in my later 20's its something that I have to watch for. I don't people to look at me and think she is dressing to young for her age. When I looked through Pencey's collection I know people would never look at me with a judging eye.

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I think its true that you carry yourself different when you wear clothes you feel good in. I can only imagine that I would feel fresh and carefree in these. In a busy behind the computer kind of world, I know that these would motivate me to go outside and I don't know how I could not love anything that made me do that.

You can find Pencey items at shopbop.com

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joesanchez said...
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agentnoir said...

oh my goodness, I LOVE this line! There is something so whimsical and chic about all of these pieces. I especially appreciate the stylist's comments about some days dressing up and others dressing tomboy-ish. I think that's so true- every day is such a different feel, I love when people can just go with their feelings and have fun with their wardrobe!

Thanks for introducing alix! xx

Breana said...

Hey... just found your blog today… pretty nice.

Quick question. I’m pretty much into clothes, shopping, fashion, etc. and was curious if you ever use a site called www.closetviewer.com to basically inventory all of your clothes, make and save outfits, etc.?

Just found the site about a week ago, and it’s been a lifesaver, especially for a free site, and didn’t know if you were on it too.

Jacob said...

Leighton Meester makes me weak in the knees.

Anonymous said...

great post, lady! i'm in my late 20s too and frequently find myself toeing the line between dressing my age and dressing too young!

Ashley said...

I love Leighton! And how hot is that black backless dress? Cute styling in the last 2 pics of the dresses with the sneakers, I really like that!


Anonymous said...

Clothes look so fresh, bright and summery! And they definitely exude effortless style.

Rain said...

I love Leighton too! She's great inspiration!


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