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Last night I had my birthday party, it was a complete blast and I owe that all to the people who came and celebrated with me. I have to admit I felt golden in my little yellow dress. There's this boutique close to my house that's my go to place. It's called Kiki Corona, I go there when I need something fun and vibrant. The style is great and the price is even better, some of my favorite things have come from there, tops, dresses, belts, swimsuits...

The best part of this dress is actually covered up by my hair. It has double thick straps that cross at the shoulders.The sleek fit made the dress flirty rather than slutty and thats always a good thing.


What I love about it too is that the color yellow lets you have fun with the jewelry. Thank you to Forever 21 for having this huge blue ring and crazy gem bracelet.


This was a gift from my mom, its from the Erickson Beamon Collection via Target. Its classically me. I love jewelry, especially rings .. the bigger, the more unusual.. the better. What I loved about this one is the array of color, this picture seriously doesn't do it justice.


I forgot to take a picture of my shoes, so I did it today because seriously shoes are key in putting together the perfect outift. The only way to compliment a yellow dress is to match it with another vibrant color and as soon as I saw these at Charlotte Rousse I knew they would be perfect. The round toe and the small heel made me feel like I was walking on clouds all night.

The best part of having a birthday party is being able to see friends and here are some names you may recognize.


Nadine from Agent Noir Diaries, Sara from Spun and me.. I want to thank them for coming, but they could have told me that I had cupcake on my face.. oh well!


Mike Foley, Lindsey and Jordana from Clutch22

Not pictured: Birdie from Bonnie Vie and Jess from Fresh Jess - I know there's pictures somewhere.


Yes, there's still a little bit of cupcake on my face, but I just think that's a sign of a good party and it was!

Thank you for all of the twitter love yesterday too. If you want to help me figure out to do the actual day of my birthday - Monday - leave me a little message here.

Thanks to Clutch22 for taking my outfit pictures!


Michelle said...

Happy birthday! You looked fabulous - love the shade of yellow of that dress.

Grace Like Kelly said...

Looks like a total blast!

Freya said...

Happy Birthday!

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday!! love the jewels looks like candies :)))

Charli said...

Hey baby you look AMAZING!!!! I wore blue so tragically we weren't psychically merging but it was BRIGHT ELECTRIC blue so we were doing the primary colors at least. Love you hope you had an awesome night.

Wicked Halo said...

Happy birthday gal!
Canary yellow is always difficult business but you rocked it like a complete megawatts star :)

WendyB said...

Love the yellow and blue together.

Natalie said...

great blog, love your title banner!


Frankie said...

You look absolutely stunning, Alix. I LOVE that yellow on you! I hope you've had a magical birthday x

agentnoir said...

I'm so glad you put pictures of your outfit up bc it was definitely hard to see in the late night of Red Door! LOVED the ensemble- especially the shoes- definitely bold & fun, perfect for a bday celebration!

Thanks for inviting your Seattle twitter fans- it was so fabulous chatting with you in person! xx

Retro Chick said...

Ooh, you look amazing! I would never have thought to wear blue shoes with yellow!

Looks like you had a good party and a good Birthday!

Anonymous said...

Happy Belated Birthday! And you looked fab on your birthday! Adorable outfits all around!

jordana said...

You looked GORGEOUS!!! Loved the whole entire look, including the new hair!

Glad you had a blast and so happy to help you celebrate!

AlixRose said...

Thanks for all of the super flattering comments, you all rock my world. Also the bday wishes I know will make this the best year yet.

All of you are too good to me!

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