Its spring, our clothes are getting smaller and lighter.. so shouldn't our handbags be too? If you are like me you have handbags that are bigger than yourself, but as winter heads to the horizon and spring comes in full force our big bags are just weighing us down. I know as busy women, we tend to carry our lives in our handbags and not having everything you could possibly need for any situation, that could possibly arise is enough to have a panic attack.


At least that is what I thought until I started carrying my clutch. First, I started using one when I would go out at night. Then I was running late one day and didn't have time to switch handbags, so I ran out with just my clutch.. and I survived. It was a liberating moment..maybe I didn't need to carry my whole house with me.


I am not going to lie, I still use my house handbag most of the week, but I do use my clutch too, more than I ever have before. The ones with a wrist bracelet are my favorites.

These are current craves from The Limited.

Photobucket PhotobucketPhotobucket

So before you grab that ten pound bag, add a little risk to your day and grab that clutch.

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Frankie said...

Wow, these are all stunning. I have clutch envy x

SOS! said...

Clutches are handy. They don't work as an everyday thing for me tho..I have way too many shite in my bag!
xx-LJ from SOS!

jennine said...

i love clutches! i'll do the small purse anytime i leave the house, as long as i'm not doing errands. I think since SF banned plastic bags, and in Germany you have to bring your own bags too, if I even think i need to stop by the market, the clutch gets left behind...

but it's such a great feeling to not have a huge bag!

Unknown said...

I love clutches too, but I do struggle to not take my entire life out with me all the time!

I have a gorgeous vintage burgundy leather clutch with a wrist bracelet that I got for £1.25 in a charity shop. It's just screaming for day time use!

lauren said...

that first woman is a stone fox, i am stealing her look this weekend!

Freya said...

Clutches give a smart look. But since I want my hands to be free all the time, I like big bags into which I can just throw things in. lol.

InnyVinny said...

Great idea; I'm getting tired of my tote. =)

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