Happy Friday and it SO is and not just because the sun is out, but because I get to finally wear this skirt. I know I am not alone, I know you get all giddy when you get to wear something you have been dying to wear. I bought this skirt last summer, but it got to cold to wear a mini, so it never saw the light of day.
Well today it's getting into the 80's, so I pulled this baby out and I am rocking it. The brown part is linen and there are 8 rows of beading. I paired it with my favorite Spun tank, my turquoise platforms(they don't look comfortable, but I can wear these for miles.. I've done it) and some silver jewelry. It really needs nothing else.

I hope you are wearing something you love today!

Sorry the picture is so blurry, I took like 10 pictures and this was the best one. Its hard using a self timer, especially with the sunny glare.So please forgive!


katie said...

somebody call the fire department, this girl is smokin'!

i'm putting on my favorite sundress and heading to the park. you'd be proud of me, it has a straight neckline, but i 'rouched' and pinned it so now it's a sweetheart neckline and much cuter!

have a super sunny weekend!

Jennifer Nicole said...

I am *loving* this weather! I threw on a pair of skinnies this morning, but the moment the radio mentioned that it was going to heat up, I realized I had a built in excuse to wear my brand new dress. (You know, the yellow and black one I posted about on Wednesday.) It's so much more comfortable than what I would have worn today.

AlixRose said...

Katie - i am totally proud of you, way to think outside the box.

JN - Awesome, isn't great when you have an excuse to wear something!!

Dream Sequins said...

Cute! Love that you're workin the pose. I'm trying to use my self-timer outside as well... Getting over being shy and busting out the cam :) Hope you enjoyed your weekend! I wore my husband's shirt and my favorite pair of jean shorts out today. YAY SUMMER!

Rain said...

Hi! I passed you an award!


Brittany Powers said...

Adorable! I love the belt!

agentnoir said...

haha, we should be the photographer for one another. the bf is growing very tired of his job!! ;)

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