The summer weather usually means packing up your winter clothes and hiding them away until it starts to become cold again. Well in Seattle, you can't really pack anything away. You never know if the sun is going to stick around for more than just a day. So, the best thing to do is to try and work your winter clothes into your summer wardrobe.


A favorite of many Seattlelites is the scarf. I used to be so-so about them, but in the last year I have found an assortment making its way into my closet. It makes me sad that they go neglected during these summer days. That's why I was excited to see these images of Chloe from Elle Magazine.It gave me the idea that instead of adorning my neck with these soft art pieces, to take the whole idea and switch it up,by decorating my waist instead.

How do you work your winter clothes into your summer looks?

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Anonymous said...

i love chloe and her style. multi-purpose scarves***all good

Deka said...

i've been doing this since 5th grade! i'm ahead of the game :-D

AlixRose said...

Nikyta - I adore her too.

Deka - Your ahead of me alright. I have only started buying scarves this year. They used to really bother me but now I am finding some love for them.

Rain said...

I have a lot of scarfs!

ehmm... I have to think about that question....


Frankie said...

This is such a great look! Like a twist on the classic obi belt. I love Chloe, she's a little style genius x

Dream Sequins said...

Gorgeous girl... I remember seeing her at a Rufus Wainwright concert and she looked FLAWLESS. Love that she always looks a little awkward-- it's endearing. As for the scarves thing-- I'm discovering some gorgeous new scarf finds lately and it's too much to resist! It's modern to wear them this way, as sashes, as tops, etc.

WendyB said...

I'm not good at tying elegant bows, alas.

Jessica Turnbow said...

Chloe is my style icon!

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