Beauty, to me, is about being comfortable in your own skin. That, or a kick-ass red lipstick.” - Gwyneth Paltrow


I didn't start wearing make-up until I was in my early 20's, part of it had to do with cultural reasons, but the other part of it was because I had no clue. Now I can't live without it. I won't even walk out of the house without my face make-up on, unless am at the gym. Its not vanity, its just wanting to be at my best at all times. Also how fun is make-up. I get overwhelmed and excited every time I walk up to a make-up counter.


But in all honesty the one item I can't live without is my red lipstick. You're probably expecting me to name off some designer names, but am not going to. Trust me I've tried them all, but for some reason I keep buying the same cover girl lipstick over and over again...Maximum Red. Its amazing how a tube of 8.99 red lipstick can make you feel like a million dollars.



I've discovered that most girls are either lipstick or chapstick inclined, not really the both? In my purse you will find a few tubes of lipstick, but never a chapstick or even a lip gloss.

What kind of girl are you - lipstick or chapstick?

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Michelle said...

Ohh that lipstick looks fabu on you!! I actually use all three sometimes; I'm very prone to chapped lips so I usually put lip balm on and blot it before doing either lipstick or lipgloss. I prefer lipstick over gloss, but I do use gloss too. I'm so sad because my favorite is this perfect shade of pink-red that was a seasonal by OPI and is discontinued now... *sigh* Don't know where I'll find a replacement!

Tiffany said...

love the red lips on you. I've been trying out red lips more often. Funny enough, I'm obsessed with all lip products so I keep lipsticks, lip glosses and lip balm all in my bag

Annie Spandex said...

I'm absolutely both! I'm addicted to chapstick at home but when I go out I wear industrial longwear lipstick.

And kind of funny, I thought that said "ass-red lipstick" at first and not kick-ass red. Ha!

jennine said...

you look wonderful in red! i love red lipstick, i find it easier to manage than any other color... but lately i've been experimenting with black gloss and nude colors... sometimes fuschia. but in the end i'll always go back to red.

HoneyBunny said...

I love red lipstick!
And you look so fab with that colour on your lips! Really beautiful:)

Unknown said...

you look great with rep lips..I never wear red or too bright I look so bad!!
don't miss the twilight giveaway!!

Freya said...

i love red lipstick too, but i don't wear it. I don't wear lipstick at all actually. I occasionally wear gloss. As for make-up, the only thing I always wear in kohl and course, compact. Otherwise, nothing.

Ash Fox said...

i love this post. you look great in red lips! gorgeous post!


AlixRose said...

Michelle - That would be my worst nightmare,why would they really discontinue it!? Now I want to go buy a lifetime supply.

Tiffany - Thanks so much, oh good for you and rocking the red lips.

Annie - Both! I dont really wear red lipstick at home casually but I wear a nudish color, still lipstick.I read that over again and I totally see it. LOL!

Jennine - Black!!! It is easier to manage, I find that when I try wearing another lip color I end up mixing a lot of colors together and then just going back to red. lol!

Honey - Thanks so much, I had a feeling you liked red!

Carlotta - You look bad, I dont believe it!!!

Freya - Nothing?? You can pull off the natural look, color me impressed.

Ash - Thanks so much!

WendyB said...

You know I'm all about the red lips!

Deka said...

only chapstick and lip gloss for me
i like the shine!
when i put lipstick on, i look like a clown.

Retro Chick said...

I am going to have to be really annoying and be both.

I never wore lipstick for years, always opting for chapstick, gloss, or pale sheer colours.

Then I found my perfect red which is a Maybelline Forever Lipcolor in Eternal Flame. I found it by accident when I bought a load in bulk for goodie bags for a party and liked it so much I kept them all!

InnyVinny said...

Oh, i'm totally a gloss/chapstick girl.

That red is great on you!

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