L-R: Me, Jess from FreshJess, Sara of Spun, Melody of Crave Party and Jordana of Clutch22.

On Friday some of my favorite bloggers/twitterers and I got together to attend an event for Aficionado boutique. It was at Benaroya Hall, complete with a fashion show, band and a awesome cheese table.


I tried on this dress a few weeks back at my favorite little boutique, KiKi Corona and didn't buy it. Well it haunted me, so I had to go back and get it. You know how that is, if its still on your mind a week later, well that's reason enough for me to buy it. I actually completed this outfit with a white blazer. The event was held early in the evening so a bigger coat wouldn't have worked.


Clutch22 wore her amazing Norwegian Wood leggings, she accessorized perfectly and was definitely a stand out at the party.


How are awesome are these ladies shoes?
Fresh Jess's metallic cage shoes and Clutch22's green ones!


Yes, fashion girls can be silly too.


The obligatory shoe shot, a perfect way to end the story of our Friday night.



Retro Chick said...

You always make me wish I lived in Seattle!

I love your dress by the way, good purchase, definately worth the return trip.

AlixRose said...

I wish you lived in Seattle too, you would totally be apart of the twitterati! ;)

Oh and thank you!

jordana said...

Wow, you make us look so much fun...oh wait, we are! J/K

Can't wait for next time!

PS I hate you! I wish I could wear cute, short little dresses like that.

AlixRose said...

We are a lot a lot of fun!
When are we hanging out again?

PS: U love me!

WendyB said...

Everyone's looking so good!

Sara said...

phew...I'm glad you decided to put up a good picture of me this time! I know it's your blog, but it's not fair that you look so gorgeous in all the pics! :)

Unknown said...

aww i love these! i really loved your dress + red lipstick. that was so fun, we need to do that more often :)

AlixRose said...

Wendy - One of these days .. in the future I am going to have a picture of you and I striking a pose.

Sara - You are so self critical, you are stunning. Look at you rocking the one shoulder, just a peak look!

Jess - I was totally coveting your shoes.. and that dress. SOOON!!!!!

WendyB said...

Ha ha! I would love that! You better promise!

Marie-Louise said...

love the dress!

NorwegianWood said...

You all look ADORABLE!!! And you look like you had tons of fun too ;)

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