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The summer months are always to be celebrated, but to be honest I am am a little bitter that I don't have any Gossip Girl episodes to look forward to. That's why I was a little excited to see what the runway Gossip Girl inspired collection from Anna Sui would translate into when produced for Target. In all honesty that would be the only way I would be able to afford to wear anything close to what Blair Waldorf would own.

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Blair Waldorf --------------------------------Vanessa Abrams

Jenny Humphrey

To be honest the runway looks didn't necessarily scream Gossip Girl to me. I think if I hadn't had known where Sui's inspiration was pulled from, I wouldn't have had a clue. Not to say it's wrong or way off, its a designers take on it. That being said would the runway looks produced for Target be something that fans of the characters would buy, literally and figuratively.

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When I take a good look at these dresses the only one I could see myself wearing is the one for Vanessa. It's funny because her style on the show is just a little much for me. Well all of the characters are a little over the top, but Vanessa and Jenny's look in the show are so not something I could see myself wearing. So it baffles me and makes me laugh that the only one from this Target Collection that I remotely like is Vanessa inspired.

What are your thoughts? Who is your fave character style on the show and would you wear any of these inspired looks?

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Anonymous said...

I love when big name designers are making a collection for Target! That is pure genius. It gives us all a chance to grab some really neat designs! Great post, thanks for sharing...and yes, I am waiting for GG!

Songy said...

Gee you r lucky. Target AU isn't doing any designer collaboration anymore. Should I blame the economic downturn? :)

Chloe said...

I'm not a fan of the show (I tried to watch it and was immediately sucker punched with that "YOU ARE TOO OLD TO ACT/LOOK THIS WAY, MISS CHLOE, SO DON'T EVEN THINK IT" feeling) but I do like some of the looks from the Target collection. I will most definitely be trying to snag the look you posted for Vanessa- I love that brown dress, and it's going to look freaking amazing with my brown Frye boots. I also like the Blair Waldorf dress you posted, the lines are pretty...but I have a tough time pulling off shifts.

My absolute favorite, though, is the dress shown here on the righthand side:

Lookbook 02

Again, my problem with these pieces is that I can't wear them exactly as styled. It's hard to think outside the box sometimes, and it's easy for someone my age (almost 30) to look at this collection and think, "Too young for me!" but a lot of the pieces on their own, perhaps styled a bit differently... are pretty freaking sweet.

Something tells me I better be saving my pennies now, 'cuz I'm definitely going to be buying a few of these pieces. *makes grabby hands*

Geraldine said...

I totally digg the outfit vanessa's wearing too though! Followed you on bloglovin'! =)

Anonymous said...

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