On Saturday night I headed out for an adventure on Capitol Hill with my friend Brittany. She writes about the different clubs around Seattle for Dlist Magazine, so we had to go out... we were on assignment. I know life is hard!!!! Unsure about what to wear I decided to take two of my favorite items and remix them with each other.


This dress quickly became a favorite of mine and I have to thank Clutch22 for such a great birthday gift. She picked it up for me when she went to the H&M in New York. Its such a great look, but since we were heading out at 10:30pm, I decided I might the neckline to be a little lower.


Knowing that the back of the dress dipped a little lower than the front I turned the dress around.Then it was too low, I do have standards!!!


So I decided to add my sparkly yellow (from Kiki Corona, west seattle) top to it. This look totally worked because the silver balls on the dress was complimented by the silver in the heart shaped area of the dress. It also brought some color to the look. You know how I love yellow!


Brittany began her outfit with this perfect little red number, but the winner of this overall outfit was her headpiece. It was a conversation starter and a definite eye catcher. I know we have a picture of some guy wearing it somewhere.


It bothers me that this picture is cropped weirdly, but I wanted to show Brittany's remix. The red dress was perfect, but wanting to add color and layers to her look she put this apron over her red dress. I know what your thinking, apron??? This ones is definitely not made for cooking, its to put over your clothes to enhance your look. I will find out more about the item and let you know.


This is later in the night and I am sad that this is a little blurry, but we had a great time. We did get a lot of looks and maybe its because we were a little more dressed up than the average girl, but its fun to dress up and when I find a reason too, I take full advantage.


Bekah Darling said...

I absolutely love it! So unique + creative :-) Hot girlies! Wish I had some fashionista friends here in FL to go out with. In a normal scene, I'm a casual chic kinda sporty girl. But when I go out, my friends give me so much crap for my "wardrobe".. psh... I love being different ;-)

jordana said...

You look hot!! So glad you like the dress - we need to do a round up of all of our backwards remixes...haha! Brittani looks fun too - love her dress and the layered apron reminds me of something Urban Outfitters would do.

Unknown said...

you look darling as usual! so creative!

Tiffany said...

you both are totally hot! I need to think more about this backward dress thing... wondering if I have any that I can do that to.

and I do love any reason to dress up too!

AlixRose said...

Bekah- Yes, embrace being different. It took me a little while to give in to my flashy,eccentric side.. high school was awkward but now that I am just myself I am much happier.

Jord - Yes we do and we need to play dress up soon. I have to introduce you to Brittany, she's a lot of fun and a fashion risk taker..

Jess - your a sweetheart, thank you!

Tiffany - Its funny but once you start doing it with one item, you start to look at everything in a whole new light. Can't wait to see what you come up with!

Unknown said...

love it very beautiful dresses and you two ladies looks amazing & gorgeous!!

Sara said...

You are SO pretty! I love layering pieces over dresses too (remember the shirt over my sequency dress friday?). I can't believe you were able to go out two nights in a row...and dress up yet again! My feet hurt just after one night of running around in heels! Way to go and you look unbelievable.

Lisa said...

You ladies look beautiful! I love creative layering and how it can breathe fresh life into pieces you already own.

Dream Sequins said...

So great! Love both of your looks!

MizzJ said...

Cool remixes! I like how you added that pop of color into the mix, but I actually preferred Brittany's outfit pre-apron :p You girls must've gotten a lot of attention!

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