The light colored jeans - I know flashback to the 80's right, but every season there's a small re-emergence of the look. I've heard all sorts of opinions on the trend: "my legs are to thick for it - it makes me look shorter - what can you possibly style it with?"

I finally bought a pair and instead of cursing myself for such a purchase, I fell in love. As a girl who has been athletic all her life, my legs are curvier and in no way stick thin, so my jeans have always been on the darker side. Turns out I have just been cheating myself!


I do believe that there's a way to wear them. I first paired it with a waist skimming top, but it just didn't work right. The elongated shirt was better, I know neon green is kind of channeling the 80's, but the color kept the look from being a wash out. And in order not to lose my waist, I accessorized with a belt.

I would have worn it heels instead because it would have done a better job of creating the illusion of longer legs and the light color does take away a little bit of height, I would know. ;) This particular day I was going to be walking all over downtown, so I wouldn't have been able to last that long. My trusty chucks worked out well and helped complete the whole look I was going for.


The light colored jean is definitely a day look. It has this relaxed element that is just doesn't fit into the night style scene. In order for it not to be too relaxed -there's always danger in that happening, I added my favorite accessory - rings - the watch and the black bracelet were just enough to not over power the whole outfit.

Moral to the story:
Don't be afraid of light colored jeans, true it doesn't work for everyone, but babe your not everyone! Also Don't try to make it something its not. Light colored jeans just fit better into the relaxed day life.

p.s - I did not cut my hair, it rained earlier and I had to make do and pull it back.


medine amory. said...

I have a pair of tight light coloured jeans, and I love wearing them with a nice white t-shirt with a little lace.

And you look lovely, hon. Appreciate your curves, I wish I had them.

On another note, my cousin and I were talking about Herve Leger (and the overuse of Herve Leger in the celebrity world) the other day, and she said that the Herve Leger dresses could give anybody some extra curves. But I thought of you, and I truly think you could pull off some of the dresses off with your body!

Btw, how tall are you?

WendyB said...

Looking good! I love that neon green, btw.

Birdie! said...

You look so easy-breezy-comfy-chic! Cute outfit. I've been hiding from my light colored jeans, but maybe I need to pull them out, now!

rachel said...

girl u got great legs! i say get skinnier jeans so itll flatter your figure :)

jennine said...

um.... you are a skinny girl!

AlixRose said...

Medine - how sweet you are, I would love a lager dress. They are amazing!
I am 4'10 but closer to 4'11

WendyB - Thanks for commenting when I know you are out and about in london town.

Birdie - Get them out girl!

I do have some Rachel but a girl always needs more.

Jennine - Not board skinny, I have a lot of curves under these clothes, am not complaining!

Frankie said...

You look stunning as always, Alix! Hot bod! x

Annie Spandex said...

That blazer is amazing!

thefatandskinnyonfashion said...

i love colored jeans. i had some red ones that were so hot

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