Mondays are no doubt for me the hardest days to roll out of bed. So instead I pulled out my Bazaar Magazine and got swept away by the Venice editorial. According to Lagerfeld and Stone, Venice is fashioned by blue suede shoes, opera glove head pieces, face masks, a color palette of gold, black, blue and white, topped off with red lips, will you be infusing any of this into your fall looks?


The color blue is a popular color, but in my closet the color only showed up in the form of my blue jeans. The addition of my blue blazer has really made me open my eyes to blue a lot more, and if this editorial is any indication of what colors will be popular for winter than I am just in time.


This is the second time I've seen a glove as a head piece, I doubt that I will see anyone in downtown Seattle copying this look and if I do I will make sure to give them props, but I think this beautifully illustrates how one should always have fun with fashion.


As a silver girl, Gold has only made its way into my closet little by little and more in the form of jewelry. It does have this amazing way of making your summer kissed skin look even more brilliant and if you read this blog you know that being from Seattle, we try to keep summer around for as long as possible, so expect to see a little more gold than usual in my fall looks.


If you don't know who Peggy Guggenheim is here's a little more info. I hope your monday is lovely and if its a little harder than usual, close your eyes and channel this last picture.

source: tfs


Michelle said...

I LOVE that photo with the blue dress! Absolutely gorgeous!

Although I won't lie, the glove hairpiece kind of creeps me out. It's like an invisible man is caressing her hair.

Sheena said...

Haha, I am definitely closing my eyes and putting myself on that little lounger with my two (imaginary) doggies. Lovely fashion editorial.

WendyB said...

Those original Guggenheim glasses are amazing!

kadler said...

That butterfly eyepiece is gorgeous!

And yes, I wear tons of blue. It matches my eyes.

thefatandskinnyonfashion said...

love this. you should see lara on the conver of sept's french vogue. amazing transformation.

Darrah said...

I tend to have very pale skin in the winter, so I might play with the red lipstick. I think it does fabulous justice for balancing color in a brunette.

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