I am all about color, but this black and white pallet of some of my favorite trends for fall ....I just can't help but CRAVE!


Tweed and sheer are at the top of my list for what am looking for in clothes this fall. So this dress in one perfect little shift quickly went to the top of my crave list. Shopcuffs


Tights are once again making the rounds this season, but these lace ups with a bow bring it to a whole new level and am ready to go higher. 80spurple

I never thought I would say "Yes" to square shoulders, but the craziness of this trend is quickly becoming one of my favorites. I like how this one is not over the top, its subtle but it still has a lot of attitude. I love it when clothes have built in attitude. Pixiemart


Cut outs in the most unexpected places will make everyone take a second look. The only thing I would change is the box shape.. add a belt please, show off your waist every chance you get.

Sweaters as a a dress, will be one of my looks for sure this winter. What I love about this look the most - the thigh high leggings - I would probably pair the grey sweater with neon pink or deep purple leggings. I love those color combination. Pixiemart


Gloves are going to be hot this winter, the only thing I have a problem with is that sometimes my fingers feel like they're suffocating - weird I know. How about bow arm accessories, fingers are free - Perfect! Pixiemart


Were you expecting to see a black bag, sorry. I love white bags for winter. It makes me think of fresh pure snow. That's why I am craving this. Refinerey29



Michelle Moore said...

I'm also craving knee-high winter boots like you wouldn't BELIEVE! I NEED SOME NOW! The flat over the knee boots from Report Fall/Winter 09 are MINE!! I want them nowwwwwww.

Love the sweater dress look. Going to rock that for sure :)

Jesica said...

I'm totally in love with those lace up leggings! Very grown up way to do the ballerina look. Great picks!!!

AlixRose said...

Michelle M - I didn't include that because am working on a post for just that. I am on the hunt for some great knee high boots, my boots from last season are so dead.

Jesica - I didn't think of the ballerina thing, but I just love them. Thanks!

Birdie! said...

Fantastic picks.

About the glove thing - thats why I make the "ninjamittens". They're a cute knit way to keep frosty wind from creeping up your sleeves.

jennine said...

i really love square shoulders, but i don't htink it would look very good on me. but i really, really want something with that silhouette!

Jessica said...

Pixiemarket is my favorite! Definitely a go to for most of my closet staples.


Friend in Fashion said...

Those gloves are adorable! Great collection

Mint Harvest said...

i love all those trends! my favorites are the thigh-high knee socks, that crazy square shouldered dress and tweeds:)

Sheena said...

Yay for Fall. Truly my favorite season and those are some great choices. I'm especially loving those tights. They are just beautiful.

Susan Alveshere said...

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BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

Those lace up tights are inspiration to work out HARDER!

Brittany said...

THAT'S how rings are worn properly. Love this blog! Keep it up!

Brittany said...

Nasty Gal Vintage were selling a gorgeous pair of those lace-up tights not too long ago. Worth checking out!

Adam Sinding said...

The top look is so cute! I love a girl in combat boots! Thanks for being a follower of my blog, btw!

- le 21eme

▲ FARRAH ▲ said...

I loveeeee white handbags. And this darling is just perfect!


Marie said...

The bow leggings and the bow glove thing!! I DIEEEE

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