You're probably thinking this is a post about Lady Gaga, I don't blame you! She has brought the body suit out in full force, but to be honest with you I just don't see myself rocking her look anytime soon. What I am feeling is the long boyfriend blazer!

These ladies are known as fashion risk takers, but I believe this style is not a risk at all. The fierce look paired with tights or bare legs, high heels and long hair, perfectly marries the masculine and feminine.
Will you be raiding your boyfriends closet?

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Retro Chick said...

I love this look.

I have a blazer I've been dying to try it out with, but I just don't have the confidence in my legs! Maybe with some opaques when the weather cools down a little

Jacob said...

You just HAD to use a picture of Leighton Meester, didn't you, hehe.

Nubiasnonsense said...

This is a great look I would love to try it. I have been very into the masculine ensemble lately as well. I love leightons shoes!

Sheena said...

Loving the boyfriend blazer trend this fall. Definitely looking for the perfect one still to round out my look.

AlixRose said...

Retro - Don't sell yourself short! The way Chloe is rocking it, you could totally do it.

Jacob - You know I love her!

Nubia - I have been to the masculine look too, I just got my first bow tie. I cant wait to rock it.

Sheena - I am leaning towards pinstripes, let me know what you find!

Rain said...

I got me a black blazer like Blair too! x

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