I woke up this morning knowing I had to wear stripes. Why? Well I was heavily inspired by Brad on The Rachel Zoe Project. He was adorably wearing a white and black striped shirt, possibly because he was channeling his excitment for his upcoming Paris trip.

Personal Style Stripes Studs and the Boyfriend @ alixrose

This morning there was no use trying to ignore the breezey fall weather, so for the first time in months I slipped on some black trousers. Still thinking of Brad, I reached for my black and green hooded top and because of the V-neck I knew this would be the perfect instance to highlight my new boyfriend necklace. I was introduced to www.kentonbeadworks.com through a friend and instantly fell for this piece. She has some other pieces that I am loving right now and those will be popping up in some future posts.

Personal Style Stripes Studs and the Boyfriend @ alixrosePersonal Style Stripes Studs and the Boyfriend @ alixrose

Don't get distracted by my eyelashes, more on that in an upcoming post. Back to the necklace,its sterling silver and a simple side profile design, but its just the perfect kinda classic mix, I look for.

Personal Style Stripes Studs and the Boyfriend @ alixrose

On the boyfriend style kick I added my boyfriend vest to the mix, I just needed some color. Yes, I know my top is green, but with black pants and a black vest I was feeling blacked out.

Personal Style Stripes Studs and the Boyfriend @ alixrose

You may recognize my skinny red studded belt from an earlier post, no - Well I was sporting it as a bracelet then. I just added some silver bracelets, but to round out the texture of my look I added a wooden bracelet.

Thank you to Brad for inspiring this look and to Keaton Beads for helping me round out my boyfriend style look.

Who inpired what you're wearing today?
Dress Code:
Reversible Vest: Marshalls
Green/Black Hooded top: Excell Clothes
Boyfriend Necklace: www.kentonbeadworks,com
Bracelets: Vintage stores
Studded Belt: Forever 21


@FashionLuvr said...

Love the colors and the vest.

Did you rock the belt all day? I dunno, I think that belt was a bit too much since you already have on cool bracelets.

great post though :)

Birdie! said...

OOH. I like the stripes + vest option.

Midtown Girl said...

Love the stripes & the necklace - so pretty!

I want more info on those fab lashes..!!


WendyB said...

Isn't this similar to the color you were wearing at the Francis studio? I love green on you.

Michelle said...

I love the vest and the unexpected pop of red. You look fabulous. :)

Nubiasnonsense said...

I realy love those stripes, that hoodie is awesome. All your bracelets look great and you look lovely of course.

So I was wearing this outfit I posted about today, I had a leopard cardi on and could help but think of you haha ;-P

Michael St. James said...

Love the vintage wooden bangle! Awesome blog!


Love those colours and the red belt is just inspired ...

Sadie S. said...

I LOVE the stripes, bracelets and the necklace, but the link doesn't work :(

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