Be careful you're in danger of falling in love, its too late for me, but you can save yourself. If you are reading this its probably too late for you anyhow... so take a good look and enjoy it. Anyways this Opening Ceremony suede/shearling vest is amazing, imagine how soft it is... yeah so soft that you would probably not only wear it, but you would probably sleep in it. You're not fooling me! ;)

So lets daydream a little... How would you wear this baby?

I'm still seriously in love with the leggings in the post below, I would add this awesome lightning heart sweater for the long sleeves and the dash of sass! I am still on the hunt for some slouchy boots, hopefully I can find some before the season passes me by..and Of course I would drape so much jewerly on me that I would look like a walking jewel box.

Alright your turn, what would you pair with this, dresses, turtle necks? Tell me!



Unknown said...
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Polished Sense said...

That vest is super-fabulous! So perfect for this season :D


AlixRose said...
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AlixRose said...

I just deleted my own comment, thats what happens when you type too fast. Oops!

Polish - Hey hun I havent talked to you on twitter in forever, we keep missing each other. Hope all is well. Yes I love this vest, suede gets me excited.. lol!

MC's Closet said...

loooove the vest!!

in my dreams i'd wear it with a pair of givenchy/balmain dazzled up black jeans or leggings! maybe some layered black and white tees. and ofcourse tons of necklaces and loads of watches to cover my wrist!!!! (I WISH!) lol


WendyB said...

I have no ideas for kind of bulky looking things like that. Not creative enough! I'm not good with layering generally.

Anonymous said...

i think you have the right idea with leggins or maybe even skinny jeans and lotsa and lotsa of jewelry of course. im not too sure about the turtle neck, it might be too much, but a dress, sure why not.

hope you get those slouchy boots you are looking for.

love, liz

Ilanka Verhoeven said...

Nice vest!
X, fashion-nerdic.

Osiris Navarro said...

I agree with MC. Some Balmain bleached and frayed jeans would look killer with this.

Also, my intuition is telling me that a small subtle hot pink piece would go good with this. Whether its in your nail polish, accessories, etc.

InnyVinny said...

OOOOOOH, super skinny jeans, flat moto/engineer boots and a loose tank underneath.


The Anthology said...

Love it! Want it!

I'd rock it with a dark thick turtleneck underneath and some boyfriend jeans (cuffed) and my new lace-up boots.

* Kelsey

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