New York Fashion Week Seattle Designers @ alixrose

When I was getting ready to go to New York, my first concern was what was I going to wear. I was instantly put at ease when I tapped some of my favorite places.

This is was definitely one of my favorite New York looks. It was the first appearance by my new heeled boots, courtesy of one of my favorite go to boutiques - KiKi Corona. The ruffled top by the lovely Jesica Milton not only made my waist seem small, but the color made it look as if I had hit the tanning salon that day (I hadn't). My Dylan Bag literally just seemed to go with every outfit I wore, but for some reason it just completed this look in the best way.

New York Fashion Week Seattle Designers @ alixrose

I am so glad I was able to wear this, it had been raining a few days before, but then the sun came out and this top was the first thing I grabbed.

The best thing is that I was able to represent the Northwest. Jesica Milton a wonderful Seattle designer, Kiki Corona a boutique in West Seattle and Clutch a specialitly designer hand bag store.

Thank you to all of these wonderful people for helping me look my best.

Top: Jesica Milton

Boots: Kiki Corona

Bag: Clutch



WendyB said...

You look great in bright colors. I loved the green you were wearing at the Francis studio too.

thefatandskinnyonfashion said...

that blue is such a great color on you. i love that top.

SnapandPrint said...

Simply gorgeous! I am loving the whole outfit. The blue is perfect colour for you.

Dream Sequins said...

Love that top on you! The blue is so gorgeous.

Jaka Merriman said...

Totally jumping on the "blue top looks amazing on you" bandwagon! Fan-frikken-tastic!

Midtown Girl said...

Blue is soo you darling - you rock it like no one else!!


Annie Spandex said...

You look perfect! :)

Kristina Krug with BR MAG said...

We love these items! Go Seattle's designers/boutiques! You look Great!
-Kristina Krug with BR MAGAZINE

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