Fairytales haven't aged and in a lot of respects they don't have to, they span the ages. But if Cinderella were alive today, am pretty sure she would have a few fashion magazines tucked under her pillow. She wouldn't be dreaming of balls, but fashion and celebrity parties that she could attend.

As for the more important part of the story... you thought I was going to say Prince Charming??? Nope it's always the clothes.

So in the case of the famous glass slipper, Cinderella's fairy godmother would know that a glass slipper would not be a converstation starter. She would know that Cinderella would need something right off the runway. What w0uld stand out more than a Thakoon /Giuseppe Zanotti Mirror Tiled Bootie?

Silver mirror mosaic-style leather peep-toe ankle boots with a heel that measures approximately 110mm/ 4.5 inches. Thakoon ankle boots have cutout detailing, an exposed silver-tone zip fastening at front and back and a jagged finish at top. - netaporter

It's seriously a disco ball on your feet. Also blinding people maybe a risk, I can only imagine what happens when the light catches the mirrored tiles. But all is fair in the name of fashion!


source: netaporter/instyle.com



jaunty magpie said...

If Cinderella were around, she'd be more devastated over losing one of these reflective beauties than getting the prince or not. Girl's gotta have priorities!

Nubiasnonsense said...

woah these are gorgeous! Wow I agree with you I can only imagine what happens when the sun hits... Cinderella would be proud of these puppies lol

Sara said...

Want! these are incredible, and I do need some not black ankle boots.... must start looking for something like these in my dollars range.

Eyeliah said...

these are sooooo gorgeous!! wow, and unique too, so very Cinderella.

Haute World said...

Oh, I remember eyeing these when they first appeared in editorials... definitely Cinderella-worthy. I'm also pretty certain she would have been careful not to lose one of these shoes at a ball!

AlixRose said...

I serioulsy love all of the comments regarding this post. Cinderella would so be more devestated at losing one of these for sure.

Anonymous said...

These are absolutely AMAZING!


Candidly Chris said...

I couldn't agree more! These are absolutely STUNNING.

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