This campaign has a little bit of everything, sequins, faux fur,leather, sweaters... SASHA!!! You could seriously insert any of these H&M pieces into any occassion.

Ladies night out!

It's too cold to go out. So all you need is hot chocolate, a fire and a good book.

Holiday partieeeeeeessss! You know there will be a million!

It's snowing.. head for the mountains! I don't ski, but I think something like this would work.

Happy New Years!!!!

I get all excited when I see the H&M campaigns, because I can always find something that I would love to add to my welcoming closet. BUT it never fails, when I specifically go to any of the three H&M's around me with beautiful campaign pictures in my head, I never find what am looking for. Jimmy Choo didn't come to Seattle, but let's not go there. You get the point!

I have even asked for items that they have pictures of in the store, but what do you know, those never made it to Seattle either. It's like am constantly getting teased with eye candy, only to be heartbroken. What does Seattle have to do? I know we're no New York and honestly we don't want to be. We love the amazing city for it's special only New York can do style.

I won't lie. I will still keep going to H&M, but it would be nice to actually have the opportunity to buy some of the collaborations or designs that H&M offers other cities.

I mean how hot is that leather zipper pocket dress?




Birdie! said...

They've got some truly cute stuff right now.....

Jesica said...

I feel the same way. When I go into the store I see tons of cute things on their posters and mannequins... but have never once seen those on the racks! I always end up walking out empty handed.

Annie said...

Ahhh I love the zipper dress too and really hope they bring the collection to Seattle. Seriously what a tease they are!!

AlixRose said...

Birdiee - It's making it harder to buy presents for others, I want it all for myself. LOL!

Jesica - I know right, also do you notice that H&M's within our own city carry different things? What's a girl to do?

medine amory. said...

Hey love! I love this holiday campaign, but unfortunately I am very broke right now.

I think that is one of the things that people complain the most about where H&M is concerned. My little sister works at a H&M store so she can more easily get hold of some items, and she gets discount! weee! That is rarely one of my complaints though, as I live very close to a H&M store, work really close to one and go to school really close to one. And the one near work is in the heart of Copenhagen, so it mostly have what I am looking for. But then there are the times when they don't and I am all sad, lol!

Anyway, I always complain that I can never wear H&M clothes when I am attending a family gathering or wedding etc., because the guests are all wearing H&M clothes, it is like a freaking H&M catalogue. HAHA.

But hon, I hope you are doing well. *HUGS*

Anonymous said...

Love the top photo! Great outfits, H+M

- http://21Arrondissement.com

Unknown said...

I'm feeling you I posted something similar :P


@Parmie said...

Loving the 2nd and 3rd images on your post, makes me feel very Christmasy :-)

AlixRose said...

Medine -you are very lucky to be so close to so many. I take it personally though, I feel like they think Seattle isnt fashion forward, so they wont send us the trendier items.

Yes since it is so prevelant it does pose a challenge in wearing it to a gathering, but that can be fun!

Parmie - The second one is my favorite too.

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