I have been wanting to make this post for awhile. But today my computer, photobucket and blogger were all conspiring against me. Oh Monday Monday, why did you have to start out this way?

I don't know if you follow me on twitter, if you don't please do(@alixrose). I have been actively trying to avoid Christmas music until after Thanksgiving. I have worn my earphones practically everywhere on the chance that retail shops, coffee establishments and anywhere they would play music would have jumped the gun.

I heart Thanksgiving and I just want to celebrate one Holiday at a time. So now Thanksgiving is over I am embracing Christmas and Christmas music whole heartedly.

This is my favorite time of year. I don't have my tree up yet, but every night I will be praying for snow. I know its a hassle to drive in and to shovel, but there's nothing more beautiful then looking out your window and seeing untouched snow.

I think that's part of the reason that white is one of my favorite colors. It evokes beginning, a fresh start, an innocence and softens the world around it.

Needless to say I will be wearing a lot of white this Christmas season!


pic source: fashiongonerogue



Niki said...

the white dress with the feather shoulder. amazing.

Anonymous said...

So much apres-Labor Day white! LOVE it!

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- le 21eme

WendyB said...

White is good, snow is not!

Niki said...

forgot to mention - blog award for you on my blog! congrats :)

Couture Carrie said...

Gorgeous photos, darling! I especially love the second to last one!


Retro Chick said...

I like to do one holiday at a time too, but we don't have Thanksgiving so I get to feel Christmassy a bit earlier!

It snowed in mid November here last year, I love Snow, of all the cold weathers it's my favourite!

Meg Kathleen said...

I love that second white dress! So simple yet so stylish.

I'm just hoping the snow holds off til after next Thursday when I no longer have to drive into Seattle.

jaunty magpie said...

I don't like driving in it, but when I wake up after a heavy snowfall and we look outside into our backyard winter wonderland, it's like a little slice o' heaven. It's so quiet, sound just seems to absorb into everything. The world seems asleep and the white snow against the dark bare branches of trees seem to force a moment of pause to simply enjoy the silence, as it were. And then our dog runs out into it, to remind us it's time to play!

Anonymous said...

it is a golden rule not to wear white after labor day, but heck, with gorgeous feathery pieces like these i think we can bypass this rule this year.

Anonymous said...

Keep posting stuff like this i really like it.

Anonymous said...

i love white too! so modern and cool and infinitely interesting!


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